I believe that the foundation of exceptional brand building is in depth cultural research combined with a focus on how people experience brands on an emotional level. No matter if it's writing copy for a new website, setting up a Newsletter strategy or creating a podcast - I believe that great story telling is the key to finding an authentic brand voice that will carry your brand to higher ground.

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Copywriting & Creative Strategy | 2016 - 2017

At unu motors I started as a freelancer but liked the electric scooters and company atmosphere so much that I became part of the team as a copywriter. During my time I was responsible for the German and Englisch copy and content for the Website, Instagram, Facebook and Newsletters.

As a member of the marketing team I was also involved in brand strategic decisions and campaign building. I also worked on the set up of the unu motors blog in Englisch and German, writing content plans and supervising content written by other people. My favorite unu article deals with the philosophy that success is never a straight line which went viral on Facebook. You can check out all of the articles I wrote here. 

Copywriting and Definition of the BRAND VOICE | 2014

A startup guide for Berlin to give people an impression of the startup scene in Berlin. I got on board the project as a journalist and defined the sound of the first edition of the start up guide. I contributed stories about great startups like Sygns who produce amazing neon light installations, Michelberger who own the only Hotel in Berlin, that feels like a friends home and many more people with amazing ideas and projects. 

I’ve got the chance to meet inspiring founders like Ansgar Oberholz, who is bringing hard working and creative people together in a great environment, Christoph Fahle who explained his Betahaus co-working vision for me, Morgan Stanley who showed me how the Agora co-working space functions and what it means to connect people, All the interviews meant a great deal to me and I’m grateful that those people took the time to share their stories with me.


Freelance Instagram Copywriting German Market | 2016

Amy's kitchen approached me as a copywriter when they decided to enter the German market. I began to write copy for their Instagram channel and grew the audience to establish a solid base for the brand in Germany. The goal was to inform the consumer that Amy's is a healthy alternative for busy families, who care about food and ingredients. 


Freelance Copywriting & Content Marketing | 2015

I worked for the Berlin luggage and travel company Horizn on redefining the brand language, writing product descriptions and the development of a whole content plan for the travel guide of the section. The goal was to keep the language clean and classy while still adding an adventurous note for the cosmopolitan traveler. In the daily business I texted Newsletters, Instagram captions and Facebook posts. You can find a Berlin travelers guide I wrote for them in the Horizn Journal. 


Mint & Berry, a brand of Zalando, approached me to rewrite their Website copy for a relaunch and new collection in 2015. For this young brand I worked with short and sweet sentences, and metaphors that appeal to the target group of young women.