I like people, IDEAS AND WORDS 

I have always loved words. Reading and writing always made me very happy and matched up with my natural curiosity about the world. I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people in interviews and learning new things.
I approach every story with a multi digital view to find the most interesting form to bring it to life.




When I was sixteen years old I watched Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe and decided to become a music journalist. I started interviewing and following around local bands and finally did my first big interview with Luke Pritchard in 2007. Since then I've worked as a music journalist for Rollingstone.de, East Village Radio in New York, Musikexpress and the now closed Intro Magazin

Being based in Berlin my first job as a film journalist was to cover the Berlinale Film Festival for Rollingstone.de, which I also covered for Berlin Film Journal. 


What is this wild internet doing to all of us? Is Jeff Koons shallow or super smart? Why is this meme going viral? Can you really wear these ugly Adidas sandals to make a statement about your place in society? Is Shia La Boeuff an idiot or a great artist? In my writing I try to answer these questions. 

I've always been a pop cultural sponge consuming insane amounts of articles about anything that interests me. This lead to a freelance Interview with Jeff Koons and Gloria von Thurn und Taxis for the independent Buffalo Zine Magazine and other outlets. 


I love food. I love words. So what's better than combining those two? Right, almost nothing. How can you describe the flavor of freshly grilled wild oysters with green nam jim sauce? Why is this the best taco in town? How sweet do you need to be to make the nicest cakes in Berlin? Did you always want to be a chef or how did you end up firing up that grill every night? 

In my food writing I  always try to find the best metaphors for the things that make it onto my plate. I spent time in kitchens asking all the nitty gritty questions about recipes and try to get people to explain everything they know to me.  


“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling."
(Don McCullin)

I think a great story needs great visuals.
Over the years I've worked on some photo series to accompany my articles. 





summer Days



LIfe on the beach