'The best art makes the world feel a little less terrifying' // Obey

I always loved street art and the rebellious way of opening a conversation in public space. One of the artists I've been following for a long time now is Shepard Fairey also known as  Obey. The amazing Brett Novak just released a short film about him in which he explains his artistic vision. I guess what I like the most about his art approach is the fact that he sees art as a way of engaging society in an open conversation about things that need to be changed. We need art: "It's when you have a clear head, right before you go to bed, when you opening up to things honestly. That's the moment when we need to have some art to be able to think about" because as he put it gently in trues words:  it makes life a little less terrifying - and thats what great art should be able to do to you.