'You Might Climb the wrong mountain if you Loose sight of your own'

Sometimes you have to get out of Berlin to be reminded of all the special things this city has to offer. So it was kind of funny when I went to a small concert in Hagen yesterday only to discover that Hungerhoff & The Wild Roots an amazing band from Berlin were playing my hometown that night. I didn't expect anything from that evening but as we all know nights like that always have a tendency to turn out great. 

The german-american-canadian band plays classic folk music that makes you wanna dance instantly from the first song on. But what struck me the most was the fun they were having on stage and how equally talented those guys are. A tall charming german, a mountain loving canadian and a super crazy banjo playing guy from the US can totally transform an average night into something great with their voices and amazing story telling abilities. They also won me over with an amazing cover from 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' one of the sadest and most beautiful music films out there.

If you're into folk music Hungerhoff & The Wild Roots will provide you with the right sound for long summer nights and picnics in the park, when the lights golden, the wine bottles are getting empty and the talks become more philosophical. Lyrics like "You might climb the wrong mountain if you loose sight of your own“  will be stuck in your mind when you walk happily home after a good day that turned into something better than you expected.