The new romantic comedy? // 'Drinking Buddies' a movie for cold days

It is snowing and minus 13 degrees in Berlin right now, so what better than staying at home, cuddled up on the couch watching movies on the weekends? Right: Nothing. So that’s exactly what I did this weekend. I recently came across this very interesting article over at The Atlantic that popped the question why there aren't barely any romantic comedies in the way of “Love Actually” produced anymore theses days. The article also focused on the way the romantic genre is shifting more and more towards the classic, tragic and funny independent stories. As examples Alexander Huls mentions “The Broken Circle”, “The Spectacular Now”, and “Before Midnight” – three movies I enjoyed seeing a lot last year. He also named “Drinking Buddies” a movie I hadn’t heard of before, so I checked it out this weekend.  

“Drinking Buddies” shows the Friendship of Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson) who work together at a craft brewery. While they both have significant others there is always ‘something’ between them, you can sense whenever they interact with each other. There is flirtation at every lunch break or beer they are sharing as “friends. Where a classic Hollywood romantic comedy would get rid of the other partners (perfectly played by Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston) “Drinking Buddies” shows that life is never as easy as the movies wanted to make us believe for the longest time. 

A great scence from 'Drinking Buddies' - Photo via Pinterest 

A great scence from 'Drinking Buddies' - Photo via Pinterest 

I guess that almost everyone has been stuck in the “friend-zone” once in their life, with someone you cherish or have a deeper connection with. Sometimes those things work out  – but most of the time they don’t because no one is bold enough to make a move. I enjoyed “Drinking Buddies” especially because of  the great connection between the actors. You just have to like them, with their flaws, weird habits and life-choices they make. Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, whom you might now from "New Girl", manage to create a certain lightness in this friendship that makes the end of the movie unimportant because the things they experience together are worth a lot. 

As Soundtracks are very important to me – you might have already got this while reading my post about Walter Mitty – I was very pleased with the choice director Joe Swanberg made in "Drinking Buddies".  Especially “The End of That” by Plants and Animal “How Do I Know” by Here We Go Magic and  “High School Lover” by Oregon Bike Trails underline the unexcited but beautiful story line. If you like a bit of romance and the picture of a serious friendship that stands like a rock you should probably check out “Drinking Buddies”.