A friend is a friend forever and a good one will never leave never// Laura Marling Live

Directly of the plane from London Laura Marling stumbled,  in skinny jeans. with her two guitars onto the small stage of the sold out Housing works bookstore, a place that supports people who are HIV-positive. For the further support of the cafe eight years ago the smart bookstore people invented the "Live from home" series, where amazing musicians like Amanda Palmer, Dirty Projectors or Black keys play concerts in this relaxed and laid back atmosphere. So yesterdays it was Laura Marlings  turn to amaze the audience with folk songs, and of course her funny and nice british attitude.  Just having release a new album,“I speak because I can“ Marling  started playing a lot of calm and amazingly light- hearted newsongs, that got straight into the head and heart. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/user/lauramarling#p/u/4/3jNna-DRncE[/youtube]

After a couple songs she thanked everyone for their appearance; "Glad you are here... appreciate that a lot“, and with that sentence the ice was broken. After that, one could really feel how more comfortable she was with every new song she played. In the bookstore atmosphere, the songs seemed to be in an environment where they fit in naturally, as did the singer. In between songs she showed off her new guitar skills, playing the Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso.
One of the best songs from the new album is Hope is in The Air, which is full of passion... a passion that one does believe the artist when she sings “a friend is a friend forever and a good one will never leave never“. Long since known as an elf-ish, shy folk girl, it seems that Laura Marling has grown up into a woman, who knows what she wants, and speaking for herself really suits her impeccably.

(Ich habe leider keine Zeit gehabt das ganze zurück zu übersetzen, den Originalartikel findet ihr hier beim East Village Radio)