Looking for the Magic with Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Lookalike Joan as Police woman

A crowded Bell House was yesterday  desperately looking for the Magic, a.k.a Joan as Police woman. Being on tour since the end of january the New Yorker band finally made their appearance in their beloved Brooklyn. In her white disco jumpsuit she looked as if she had just arrived from some time travelling trip in to the 80‘s with Marty McFly and Doc brown from back to the future. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/17503367[/vimeo]

Starting playing you could feel the shared power of this three outstanding musicians on stage. She did a smart thing with playing the magic, the song everyone was looking for, already as the second one, because with that, she anticipated all the expectations and liberated the other songs in the set. Just coming back from australia, she confessed “we‘re upside down and backside front“ so indeed the time travelling thing, was somehow true. The Sound at the Bell House blew everyone off because she and her band were so perfeclty mixed. The nicest thing about Joan as police woman is that you can literally see how she throws her heart and passion in her shows, and that is what makes them real unique. The mixture between uptide and slower songs was chosen so well and carefully, that you get it: this womand knows what she is doing on stage.  One of the best songs of the evening was the slower song Kiss the Specifics, in which she is singing, „You can guess, yes all you want about me, is she high, is she crazy, is she in love. Well yes I‘m in love I will never be out of love“

The energy exchange between Joan and the crowd was palatable all evening, a fact not lost on the singer/multi-instrumentalist as she told the audience they were her favorite New York crowd, a comment that could not be met with an ounce of skepticism. And one does believe that, this woman is in love with live. After kiss the specifics, the bellhouse crowd got really talketive telling her their love. That caused some funny touching moments and compliments for the audience from Joan who finally came to the conclusion “you have been my favourite NY audience ever“. Looking and dancing like Marsellus Wallaces‘s wife Mia in Pulp fiction, singing like a soul 80‘s disco goddess Joan as police woman is simply magic.

(ich habe leider keine Zeit gehabt ihn zurück zu, das englische Original findet ihr hier beim East Village Radio übersetzen)