2012 - What a Year // A lot of good byes and farewell moments

This has been a crazy great exhausting funny and outstanding year. Thank you for all the moments of excitement, glory, pure happiness while burning marshmallows, dinner nights, Tatort evenings, wine tastings, india-germany skype conversations, beers enjoyed in WG's, sleepless dancing nights, simple Abendbrote with great italian food, ghosting, bachelor thesis craziness with my herd, support from my family, self organized concert nights, the first live interviews of my life, the Wellenreiter concerts in general, great songs, endless reading and quoting of literature, understanding a bit of Luhmann, finally handing in THE thesis, saying good bye to Zeppelin University and Farewell, moments of relief and recognition to be liked and loved. Thank you everyone for this marvelous 2012. If I could I would burn a firework for all of you who made this year so special! May 2013 continue like this!