I’m a CREATIVE STRATEGIST, journalist and generation Y expert

My career has never been linear, simply as life isn't linear either.

I have always followed my diverse interests trusting in the flow of things. I followed my creative and strategic interests crossing discipline borders and drawing outside of the classic lines. Based on my own experience, I firmly believe that diversity and empathy are the keys to building interesting workplaces and successful brands.

I love to travel, surf and working on interesting projects. I'm a trained sociologist and anthropologist, a design geek, vinyl-lover and an organizational talent. I love hosting dinner parties and I take a great pleasure in bringing people together and being a connector in my community. In everything I do I deeply care about the people who surround me, trusting in the philosophy that kindness will get you anywhere.



I graduated with a Bachelor in "Communication & Cultural Management" from Zeppelin University in January 2013, writing the first Bachelor thesis in Germany about the Generation “Y” under the supervision of sociologist Dirk Baecker. I did a semester abroad at California State University at Channel Islands in 2011. In March 2018, I finished my Masters Degree in European Anthropology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In my studies of Anthropology, I've gained a deep understanding of cultural research methods, social theories and the execution of research projects. In my Masters thesis "Metamorphosis of work? Community Management in Coworking spaces" I've focused on researching the role of community managers and the implications of this job for the future of work. 

In my research I’m specializing in the fields of sociology of working environments and organizational structures, and pursuing my research by using qualitative methods. 



I have a classic journalism education, and started working for the local newspaper Westfälische Rundschau at the age of 16 in my hometown of Hagen. I continued working as a music and cultural journalist at Radio Welle20 at Zeppelin University. From there I went to New York to intern at the independent East Village Radio station. Then, back in Germany, I followed up with another internship at the national public radio station WDR5.
After graduating I began interning for the German music magazines Musikexpress and Rolling Stone in Berlin and continued working for Intro music magazine, Mit Vergnügen and Berlin Film Journal covering pop-cultural topics and the Berlinale Film Festival.

As a freelancer and creative I was always interested in strategically and creatively building up brands. My anthropological degree further shaped my interest in building experimental communities that carry brands to the next level in a holistic way. Marketing and advertisement always fascinated me as the purest forms of popcultural statements and in my career I’ve worked on many interesting brands and content production projects trying to make a splash in culture. This interest lad me to join the creative agency 72andSunny in 2017, first as a freelance Cultural Researcher/Strategist, and then moving locations in 2018 to become a Business Development Manager in the Amsterdam office. In that role, I’ve been focusing on managing internal and external relationships and particularly on positioning the agency as a creativity and diversity leader within the global agency ecosystem. 

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